Inside Automation

Automatic on-demand report generation.

Stop drawing your splice plans manually - generate them automatically.

Stop cutting and pasting a spreadsheet - generate panel cards with one click.

Stop wandering about the map – generate the shortest route from A to B.

Use our cloud API to generate reports from any system.


Report Engine

Automatically generate updated plans, reports, aggregated information views for the applicable situation, via our Apps, Webb, Desktop, in the field, at the office, in the car, at home...


Automatically generated plans

With Inside Automation, you no longer have to manually draw out your splice plans. By referring to the data entered, Inside Automation will generate these for you automatically, so you can focus your time on something more productive.

Spreadsheets without hassle

Spreadsheets are often a subject of both love and hate. While they make data and information easily accessible and save us time in the long run, they are often a pain to set up and populate correctly.

With Inside Automation, you no longer have to create these spreadsheets yourself, saving time and eliminating any possibilities for errors.


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