Inside Orchestration

With 7-fold IT support.

Optimize your business processes into a contiguous workflow, where information is entered once and then reused, thus saving time, ensuring quality and preventing loss of information.

7-fold IT support

The iNSIDE concept offers an IT solution in seven layers, consolidating your entire flow, from the early planning to operation and monitoring, in the Cloud or in your infrastructure.

The iNSIDE concept builds on the principle that business information from each module is reused by the next, saving operators from having to manually re-enter information. This also prevents information from being lost or distorted due to human error, once entered iNSIDE.

Instead, information can be digitally sent between systems, modules and actors without manual file handling. Thanks to its modern architecture and adherence to industry standards, systems and components can interact to solve classic business issues in new ways. Each layer is optimized such that its output is reused and refined by the next, providing an efficient flow of information and artefacts, managed by iNSIDE Application Server and iNSIDE Project Server.

Stage 01 - Marketing and Sales planning

Project areas in which a sufficient number of prospects are identified.

Stage 02 - Project pre-planning

Preliminary costing.

Stage 03 - Project agreements

Signing customer agreements in project areas.

Stage 04 - Detailed planning

Costing, Bill Of Materials, project working documentation.

Stage 05 - Fulfillment

Project information to contractors and suppliers.

Stage 06 - Management

Maintenance, troubleshooting, service etc.

Stage 07 - Operation and monitoring

Operational management of the active net.

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