Inside Planning

Save time and money with accurate estimations.

iNSIDE precision planning provides extremely accurate planning and preparation when adding new parts to communications networks. The result is a planning with cost estimates which, used correctly, minimizes estimation errors. This is especially important when preparing to submit a quote.

Get the price right

Advanced costing and bill of materials templates, properly configured, provides highly detailed itemized cost estimations, faster and more accurately, by automatically adding proper amounts of related articles as the project is built.

Standalone or linked

During planning, many more business objects and article numbers are automatically created than previously, without straining the planner. Precision planning is almost as fast as regular planning, but may create over 100% more business objects, with new article numbers. The result provides many more details on work, material, machine usage etc.

The degree of detail depends on how the system has been configured. The system is delivered with a default configuration for precision planning, which is then adapted before production starts. The system can be linked to other business systems, with advanced article price management. Alternatively iNSIDE can store article prices on its own.

Get organized correctly

All planned objects are automatically assigned a unique article number, used by the estimator in the Portal to cost estimate work, material and machine usage for a project. The planner may, depending on the construction methods used, employ different principles when adding new parts to the network. The planning result can be exposed via apps to personnel working in the field. Field workers can continuously digitize the actual excavation in real time via high precision GPS and automatically sync into the system.

Detailed splice plans can be generated automatically, with project specific information shown in another color, to differentiate from existing parts. A number of other geographically correct project documents can be generated for different roles (trenching, ducting etc.)


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