Inside Field

Realtime Control. Wherever you are.

Edit and change the state of business objects directly from your smartphone or tablet. Create information in field and share instantly. The project manager can, whenever, see the progress in real time, as the infrastructure is built. Deviations are recorded by field staff as they occur.


Information system

The new iNSIDE App fundamentally changes surveying, building, operations and maintenance.
Real time management gives planners and field personnel access to information in the field via Android based smartphones and/or tablets.

Google Maps, covering all inhabited parts of the world may be used as background map. With GPS built into the device, your current location may be shown geographically in the app.

Trenches, ducts, fiber network, surveyed etc. are shown in real time and can be shown or hidden independently. The interaction is fast and works all over the world. Objects are shown correctly located relative to Google Maps, even when the networks are stored in another local coordinate system, thanks to real-time transformations.

Real-time notes

Filters may be applied to only show objects with a certain status (such as existing or planned), to show a certain project, etc.
Planners can plan or prepare parts of a project, directly from the field, such that the information is stored directly into the system, with no need to post, synchronize or similar afterwards.

As work progresses items can be reported, in the field, as done (changing status), allowing project management to follow along in real time. Field workers can register deviations in trenching, welding etc. for planners to follow up on.



High precision GPS with live data feeds

Workers in the field can edit a subset of object properties, such as the color of a cable jacket, as well as create and delete objects as needed, for example patches, or if a splice point not yet in the system is found in a well.

The app can survey with a high precision external GPS and store the newly created objects directly into the system, with no need for post processing or file handling. Setting out can be done directly, without first fetching maps to a field computer.

Trenches, ducts, fiber network and surveyed are shown in real time on a Google map background. All network changes are shown in real time. The app can fetch aggregated information on customers, services, patches, switch ports and more, of interest in operation and maintenance.

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